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Related post: Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 21:26:12 -0800 From: Cameron Nelson Subject: "OLYMPIC CHAMP" - Chapter 1A Disclaimer: This is a love story between two men; one is seriously handicapped. It contains detailed scenes of sex. If this is not to real amateur nude lolitas your liking, it is recommend that you leave. OLYMPIC CHAMP Written by Cameron Nelson ( CHAPTER 1 I really don't preteen lolita russian boys know where - or how - to begin. My mind is still in such a terrible state right now - of confusion - and despair. So much happened in so girlz loli nude picture short a time - and everything was all so intense! And real! And it was all so lolita russian models galleries very recent - just a few weeks ago. Maybe that's why I feel so elweb great lolitas bbs down from it all.I know I haven't had time to put things into proper perspective. But I was so devastated and so disturbed by it all that I knew I had to write about it - as a way of trying to purge everything from my system and try to arrive at topless little lolicon girls some satisfactory answers.A quick vacation, a short, torrid and devastatingly wonderful affair - and a difficult and wrenching conclusion. That's what it was. No other way to describe it. It's in the details, though, that matters really become much more unclear, more hazy, more unreliable and almost jailbait lolita models even more perturbing. Part 1 Day 1: Evening Location: South Beach Area of MiamiIt was the winter semester break and I needed to yong lolita stop nude get to some place that was warm. Going to college in the northeast was great but every now and then I craved sunlight, warmth and nurturing. So a group of buddies and I hied it off to Florida where one of lolitas 13 17 old the guy's folks had a vacation house on ones of those posh little islands off of Miami. You know the ones - in Biscayne Bay.The house was real luxurious - lots of bedrooms, pool, nude lolita teen blogs hot tub, staff, great food - you name it, they had it! This guy Gary's family was really loaded. I'm used to best lolita and boys luxury, but this was a step beyond even my usual surroundings. His folks seemed to pink nude preteen lolita be very nice and they gave up free run of everything.Now, before I go any further, let me explain all four of us were either gay or bisexual. I'm exclusively gay and I generally prefer young boys. Okay? This is my preference. I don't tell you what to do, so don't tell me!Anyway, the first night in the Miami area we decide to drive over to South Beach. We'd all heard of the place and pre teen loli bbs we'd all seen "The Birdcage" so russian tgp porn lolita we figured this area was for us; Gary agreed. Now, everyone knows about this being a fabulous gay area. Well, it's even more - bigger and better than I had even imagined. Super restaurants, loads of tourists, Jewish old timers still hanging on, lots of Cubans, and, yes, loads and loads of great (and I mean GREAT) lolita hardcore top 100 looking guys - the place was really jamming.We stuck our heads into a number of clubs but nothing really appealed to all of us. As we were walking to the next one I noticed a number of guys on crutches and in wheelchairs entering a place down the street. preteen lolita girl links Now, this definitely got my attention! We agreed to go into this place and see what was happening.The place was noisy and not too dark and had some kind of all male revue or something on stage. I saw the guys in the chairs and we managed to get a table right near them. young lolita porn clips There were about eight of them. Most were quite brawny and very cute. Most were leg amputees but two were paraplegics. One of the amputees in particular definitely caught my attention. He was wearing a gray athletic shirt and he was just plain stimulating to look at. He had blondish hair, cut short on the sides, a massive chest and huge, muscular arms. He was my dream man - I was instantly erect, throbbing and wetting my shorts at the sight of him.Gary started a conversation with these handicapped studs and offered to buy them a round of drinks. They were drinking only plain juices. It seemed they were in Miami for tryouts for the 2000 Paralympic Games loli teen tgp gallery to be held in October in Sydney after the regular summer Olympic ageplay little girl lolita Games. A few were wheelchair racers, some swimmers and one a basketball player. They were all great looking. Was this a conspiracy against me?I tried to sit close to the guy I was really attracted to. We pre lolitas russian virgins started talking, introduced ourselves and settled in to a comfortable conversation. My stunning beauty's name was Donald; I loved it. He said he was from the Atlanta area. He had lost both of his legs well above the knees and he was devastatingly gorgeous. I knew I wanted to be with him, to get to know him much better and to be of any help that I could. Part 2 Day 1: Later the Same Evening Location: Family Room and My Bedroom of HouseWe were back at the house. It was almost 11 PM. Three of the wheelchair jocks had decided to come back with us while the rest continued on their round of club sampling. One of our guys, Cole, asian lolitas 24 7 had decided to stay with the other group so things worked out nicely. Best of all, I lollas cute little virgins had the guy of my choice and my dreams with me.When we got to the house we discovered that the house was not handicapped accessible. The one paraplegic (Ken) was carried up the stairs by Gary (a strapping football player and wrestler); the two amputees (my man Donald and the other, Fred) were able to get up the steps by themselves. They did this by going up backwards and using their arms to pull them up.We sat in the large family room drinking beer and watching ESPN for about an hour. That is, we drank beer; the jocks drank juice and iced tea. I was thrilled when Donald chose to sit by me. non porn lolita pictures His massive body and was so incredibly beautiful, and with his strawberry blonde hair and beautiful face he was absolutely devine. He was wearing a navy blue warm up suit with the legs shortened and sewn closed; his leg stumps were covered quite snuggly. He wore the matching jacket but took it off in the house. Underneath he wore a steel gray athletic shirt. His outstanding muscles and his magnificent build were totally on display. I loved every time he moved - his pecs would dance and his biceps bulge and I was in heaven.He was so incredibly good looking; I knew I had lost my heart. He face was not gorgeous, but ruggedly handsome. He had a scar or two (each seemed strategically placed to help bring out his beauty) and I think his nose had been broken a few times. He had small blue eyes (with blonde lashes), small ears (they were flat against his head) and a big, powerful neck. I was also sure that he did not have his own teeth - they seemed just too perfect.His stumps intrigued me. They were very short - I'd say four or five inches long. I could also see the large bulge from his package. This looked awesomely enormous! I'm sure he saw me checking him out those times and he just smiled at me every time.We sat together on a sofa and Donald slowly moved his lolitas censored link model hand onto my thigh. Now I'm built exactly the opposite of him. I'm thin - tall and strong, but thin. I didn't dark lolitas top list think that sweet lolita nude pics he'd like my body type but apparently he did. I know I loved his. I put my arm around him and let it rest on his massive shoulder. It felt overpoweringly great! I could feel his every movement.He turned his head and whispered in my ear. "You can touch me any place you want, lolita small teen pics Cameron. bbs lolita google wordpress I'd like you to. You won't break me. I've already been broken and sort of put back together, young naked russian lolas if you young non naked lols know what I mean."I russian model babes lolitas turned to him and smiled and he immediately kissed me. little lolita girls pedo It was a delicious kiss. I felt myself getting hotter and hotter for this guy. My hands slipped to his lap and I knew he was also getting hot - for me! He turned to face me; bbs lolita ass pics because he had no legs, he could turn his whole body towards me. I wrapped my arms around him and he did the little hot lolitas galleries same to me. His stumps touched my thigh and I thought I come in my boxers.He put his arms around me and hugged lolita bbs young girls me tightly while massaging my back. I did the same to him and, of course, the feel of those incredibly well developed muscles made me high. He suggested that we "adjourn" to my room, which I was only too happy to do. He "backed" himself up the stairs while I carried his wheelchair pay lolita new bbs up to the room.Amazingly enough, magic lolita preteens models we talked for almost an young lolita small breast hour before we got around to doing anything of a "daring" nature. african american lolitas nude His was a fascinating history preteen lolita 12 yo and story. I just lay thumbnails little lolita tits back on the bed and Donald began to unload his tale."I was born in Texas. Had a nice upper-middle-class upbringing - church, school, girls and always lots and lots of sports. svens lolita models pictures In Texas high school football is a religion, and I was great at it. I was a star. Even in my freshman year. I was big, I was strong and I absolutely loved to play. My father walked around town with his head held high and was greeted by everyone. My mother also loved all the attention. I had a problem, though. I couldn't concentrate on any school stuff. I just couldn't! I couldn't even sit still in class - bad behavioral/juvenile disobedience probs. I kept jumping up, going to the boy's room, making sounds to distract the other kids - everything that is unacceptable in class. Even when I told to sit still I couldn't manage that; I would keep jiggling my legs all the time." He looked down at his stumps and patted them. "Guess I took care of that problem," he said with a sarcastic laugh. "This crap was severe enough to exile me to a military school in Connecticut."My folks divorced while I was still a freshman. I hadn't preteen loli top site seen it coming. I guess I was just too wrapped up in myself and my need and my comfort. What really fucked me up royally was lolitas debutantes virgins teens when I realized that neither one of them wanted me - my father took my younger brother, and my mother took my sister. I was sent off to this really horrendous military academy; my father had been forever threatening me with it anyway. I packed my stuff and off I went. Never blue link lolita nymphs lived with either of preteen prelolita nymphet model 'em again." He looked away from me. "Only see 'em very occasionally.""The place was okay, I suppose. Must have been run underage lolita youngest bbs by a bunch of Naval Academy dropouts. It was a great sports place though - really great! Of course, it had an even bigger effect on me than I had originally thought it would. That's because I discovered that I jammed - absolutely jammed - on dudes!" Donald started laughing and slapped one of his leg stumps."How about letting me do that?" I asked."You mean slapping and playing with my residual legs?"I was taken aback. "Residual leg?" I thought young lolita pussy beauty they were called stumps. "Donald, that term you used...""How about calling me Donny, Cameron. Okay?""Sure, if you call me Cam," I answered. "Now, about your 'residual legs'.""I know, I know. I should really call them stumps. I know. That's what they are. But that term sounds final. red haired lolita pussy Like the stumps of dead trees. These are still alive, man." He paused, all the while looking at the remains of his legs. "I call them residuals. My residuals," he repeated. He lifted his head and looked directly at me. "You know, these are my pectorals," he said lolita pic and art while stoking his pecs. "These are my abdominals...and these are my residuals.""Yes, they world of nude lolitas are, Donny. And I think I'd like to find out how alive preteen lolita fashion models they really are...and how alive you are right now."He gave me a wide smile and wheeled his chair close to the bed. "That'd be great Cam." He hopped out of the chair and onto the bed. He pulled himself close bbs lolita underage porn to me. He suddenly became very serious. "Believe me when I say that no one has ever messed with...or even stumps and I...""Residual legs," I interjected. Part lolita girlie nude pics 3 Day 2 - Morning Location: My Bedroom of the HouseIt was everything I could possibly have dreamed naked lolita teen girls it would be. It was an absolutely incredible night - and early morning. I don't think I got very much sleep. I'm sure Donny didn't either.I woke up 12year old russian lolita the next morning sleeping with my head on Donny's incredible chest; my body was perpendicular to his. God! Did it feel great! His sculptured pecs cradled my head so beautifully and comfortably. He had his massive arm around me holding me to his warm, strong body. I had one hand resting across his great chest, and the other slowly fingering his six-pack abs and the shaved mound above his cock and his balls. I was sure that Donny shaved his whole body and I just loved the feel of everything!I opened my eyes and was looking directly into his great face. His eyes were closed and twitching slightly. His blonde stubble glistened like specks of gold. What a strong chin he had. Shit! This guy was totally male - one hundred percent man. Why did he want me? Me of all people! But I was so pleased that he did.His hair seemed much more blonde in the morning light that it had seemed last night and his whole face seemed lolita s nude photos to glow with an unearthly light.I slowly moved my right hand down to the end of one of free underage lolitas videos his legs. nude preteen girl lolitas I adored his beautiful and extremely muscular leg stumps. I had made incredible love to them last night - or was it early this morning. They were incredibly thick. He must have had really powerful legs - before they were cut off. They were also incredibly warm and so delightful. I rubbed them soothingly and lovingly - because I did love them. They're what drew me to him in the first place.I quickly turned my head and was greeted by his shining, smiling face. "Good morning, you great stud," I purred. "Have a good sleep?""I think it was marvelous. However, I do seem to recall certain...shall I call them episodes...yes, episodes of rather uncontrolled and wanton sex during the night. Could embarassed teen lolita video I've been dreaming or what?"I moved my hand to the base of his incredibly smooth ball lolita fucking child pussy sac and squeezed lightly. "Funny, I seem to remember something very similar." I gave him another squeeze and he took in little loli pussy pics a sharp breath of air."Oh, God! Cam! What the hell are you doing to me? I haven't even pissed yet!"With that said he sat up, wiggled out from under me and hopped quickly into his wheelchair. While he was in the bathroom I put on my jeans and went down stairs to get two cups of coffee. The russian lolita hegre video other guys were all in the dining room and filling their plates from the breakfast buffet. Gary pulled me aside."What happened to you guys last night?" he asked."We had hordes of fun, Gary. What about you?""I think I'm in love," he said rather dreamily while looking at Fred."You're not the only one, my friend - you're not the only one. I see Cole is back.""Yeah brook shields lolita pics - and with his new bf." We both lolita child models toplist turned to Cole (and his bf) and smiled.I filled the tray and returned to the room. It was packed with not only coffee, but juice (if you don't drink lots of orange juice in Florida you're unpatriotic), muffins and sweet rolls and toast. Donny was sitting up in bed and gave me a big smile when he saw me struggling with the tray.I set the tray in front of him. "Breakfast in bed as you wished, 100 non lolita sites suh," I said with the best upper crust British accent I could muster."Thenk yaw, Jeeves," he replied.I slipped my jeans off and got back into bed with my marvelous man. God! And was he a man. My hot beautiful girls lolitas ass still ached from the pounding he gave me last night with his incredible cock. But it was worth it - worth every second and worth every inch. My young lolitas litle teens dick was already hard just from seeing him sitting in the bed and from my memories of last night."I think I know what you want after we have breakfast," he said with a half smile, half leer on his face.I nodded enthusiastically.We ate and drank cp lolita illegal porn - and played with each other. model pussy little lolitas We preteen spanking pics lolitas fed the other pieces of toast and muffins while drinking our juice and coffee. Donny moved the tray away when we finished, turned to face me and kissed me long and passionately. I let his tongue do glorious things to my mouth and was absolutely swept away by the power of this phenomenal man. I was getting so hot from his kiss, and from the way lolita tiny naked photos he had begun to fondle my body, that I was sure I was going to pass out.This stud certainly knew how to take care of a person - he was hotter than a branding iron and he was certainly illegal lolita sex movies getting me that way! This guy great lolita free pics had one helluva awesome way about him. And I loved every second of it.After we broke the kiss, Donny began to rub his hands all over my body - chest, arms, neck, back. I'm not built the way he is - no screaming pecs or full to bursting biceps. I'm more of the type that people would call a twinkie - I'm lean, relatively tall, mostly hairless and not all that muscular. I participate in sports at college like swimming, young lolita galleries bbs soccer, baseball and my favorite, hockey. I matured late (later than most of my friends, that is) and suffered the consequences and the ridicule. However, I am very well endowed now in the cock and balls department, with an eight-inch wand and large, low hangers.The first time I got a look at Donny's great package of gear, I just stared. I couldn't do anything else. His cock and balls were amazing. They was just fuckin' amazing! Part 4 Day 1: Still Later The First Evening Location: My Bedroom of the HouseWe were finally in bed together. Before hopping out of his wheelchair and onto the bed, Donny removed his warmup suit jack. He left on the gray athletic shirt and the bottoms - the shortened bottom, the legs of which had nude girl pic lolita been modified to fit snuggly around his massive leg stumps. He lay back on loli teenies preteen cuties the pillows and put his hands behind his head. I was mesmerized by his upper body - and, I must fully admit, by his lower body too. underage nude ls lolita He was awesome!He sites like shylolita bbs was completely awesome! From the enormous, rippling biceps and powerful pecs to the gorgeous blonde hair in his armpits, he was the most perfect man I had ever seen, let alone been with. He gave me a wonderful full smile and I free lovely lolita thumbs moved closer to free lol model pics him - I needed to free banned loli pics feel the extraordinary warmth and power emitted by this tiny girls nude lolitas marvelous creature.Donny began telling me about himself. preteen lolita nn top He is - or at least had been - a truly great athlete. He had played for a minor league farm team of the New York Rangers. He also played basketball, soccer, and even polo (yes, the one with the horses). He was a competitive swimmer and diver, and excelled in soccer and baseball; this was all according to him, and I did not doubt it for young lolita movie galleries a minute. He was nymphets in action lolicon also into serious bodybuilding and participated in significant muscle competitions. I could see by the highly developed state of his chest and arms that he took lolita 15 preteen pics pumping iron very seriously. He almost made the 1996 Olympic team in track and field, but was just beaten for the last spot. Of course, this was before he lost his legs. What he didn't take seriously were his academic studies."I never did anything in school but sports," he told me. "With me it was always sports! They all felt so natural and I felt complete and fulfilled only when 12 yo lolitas hardcore I was physically engaged. It was amazing! Then...then the games would be over and I'd be compelled to do the academic shit. I couldn't sit long enough to study properly. My body craved physical activity - not this sitting around and trying to transfer information from the printed page to my one-track brain." He had looked at me very solemnly. "Of course, now all I do is sit around - have to, lolicon incest thumbs 3d got no choice."His eyes had begun to tear up. I put my arms around him. This was not easy. nude lola 13 yo I mean, the guy had an upper body that was probably three times the size of mine. But I made the attempt and I finally succeeded. We both laughed at my attempts, Donny through his tears.When preeteen lolitas free bbs he settled down some he continued with his extremely young lolita bestiality story. 13 yo topless lolita I didn't urge him at all - he teen lolita schoolgirl posing just continued, like he needed to open up to someone and get it all off of his chest - his magnificent and massive chest. "I had built what I thought was the perfect body. I had honed a machine that was responsive and reliant and fluent in all the physical stuff I did. I had absolutely no Plan B. I thought this body would take me far in the professional leagues - that's what lolitas kids nude beath I craved. And then...and then...bitter irony and great prescient circumstances crossed paths...resulting in what you see babez lolita model 7yr current amputee status. A tiny lolita love pics gimp in a chair."He paused and took in a real deep breath; he let it out slowly. "I've been an amputee for only about a year. And I haveta tell ya, Cam, that this has really knocked me for a fucking loop. Not so much the physical shit, but my having to relinquish control and redefine my physical identity. Even though I maintain the loli lo lolita nymphet facade of being the well-adjusted gimp, I am in complete confused, fucking turmoil and doubt. I hate what I look like and whenever I see ten year old loli a reflection of the guy in the wheelchair...I freak fuckin' out!"Here he began to start balling again and I held him a little bit tighter. "I'm just very l-l-lonely. I just can't imagine that anyone...anyone would ever look at me again and not see anything but the crip aspect first."I held him as tight as I could and tried to quiet him down. I rubbed his back. I kissed his cheek. I rubbed my hand through his beautiful hair and through the thick blonde hair on his arms. He was getting my shoulder and chest awfully wet but I totally didn't mind. It was like all his bad memories were coming up inside him and he just had to let them out. He had a shoulder to cry on and I was very, lolita world girls nude very happy it was mine. (To Be Continued Very Soon) I'd appreciate hearing from any and all readers of this effort. This is my very first story and I wrote it in great haste because most of what you have read is true - and it happened very, very recently. Write to me at:
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